Play the game that is sweeping the nation

Have you ever watched Sharktank? Remember the game Spikeball that was said to be the next big thing? Well they were right. Spikeball is a game that involves teams of two playing a game that involves spiking a ball onto a small trampoline like surface. It plays like volleyball but faster. This isn’t for families who want a low key BBQ. Its for families who want to compete to show who is best. Check out the variety of packages that Spikeball has to offer.


Spikeball Combo Meal

ComboMealThis is the BYG recommended package. It has everything you need to get started in the world of Spikeball. It comes with the three balls the net. Thats all you need to get started. It also contains a carrying case which makes bringing this everywhere and anywhere a possibility.
From 59.99
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SpikeBall Road to Victory Kit

roadtovictoryThis is the fun kit. This has everything the combo kit has but with a few extras thrown in. First you get a Spikeball hat. More importantly this kit comes with a lot more balls. 13 Spikeballs to be exact. Two of which are glow in the dark. Being able to play in the dark adds an whole new element of fun for the family.
From $99
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Spikeball Pro – Official Tournament Kit

spikeballproThis is it. This is for the families that might go a little overboard with their competitions. This is the official tournament kit. It comes with a stronger frame, pro grade balls,  a pump and a portable backpack. This is a souped up version of the combo meal. The combo meal is a great product and deal but if you are looking to take advantage of even better quality then this is the upgrade to make.
From $120
Buy Now

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