Remember this tower game? Fun for the whole family

Remember Jenga? It was that little wood stacking game that you played as a kid. Now its back…just HUGE. This is the perfect game for a family or adult BBQ. It can be played by people of all ages and can be played by any number of people. It is a staple in beer gardens worldwide now you can have it in your home. All you need is a flat surface. Here are a few that BYF recommends.

GoSports Giant TopplingTower

GoSportsThis is the top choice for BYG. It starts with 20 rows and can grow to over 5 feet tall. The blocks are smooth with makes pulling and replacing blocks easy. Like most sets this Go Sports tower comes with carrying case making this a fun activity where ever you go. As a bonus they have thrown in a bonus whiteboard game where you can use numbered blocks to create a custom game experience
Starts at 79.99
Buy Now


Giant Tumbling Timber Tower

Giant TumblingThis set from GTPF is another great set. It is slightly smaller dimension wise than the Go Sports version but it starts with more rows in the game so there is a little more game play. As in most cases this will come with its own carrying making a portable game to bring anywhere. 
From 68.99
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Kings Tower

Kings TowerIf you are looking for something a little more ascetically pleasing then this is your set. Kings tower sets itself apart by using Redwood wood instead of pine. It is rubbed in oil to pretect it from mold and bugs. While this is the most expensive of the BYG recommendations it is definitely the best looking.  As always this set comes with a carrying case for max portability.
From 89.48
Buy Now

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